No hidden extra costs


No hidden extra costs

Free of charge

  • Receiving money


  • Pay with your card (shops, restaurants, etc.)


  • Pay online with your card


  • Send money via the app


  • Check balance in the app or at the ATM


  • Statements via the app


  • PIN re-issues



  • Get the card


  • Service fee

    €0.99 p/m

  • ATM fee


  • Foreign exchange (FX) fee


And that’s it! No hidden extra costs. We like to be transparent so you always know where you stand.

IIZIPAY’s low FX fee makes all the difference. I earn €1,500 per month and send €500 every month back to my family in Poland.

IIZIPAY only charges me 0.99% for the exchange to złoty, which makes all the difference for my family.

Make paying, sending and spending IIZI

The benefits

  • Put your salary on the card for free

  • Great way to budget

  • Accepted virtually anywhere

  • No fees when spending worldwide

Our features

Free IIZIPAY app
Contactless technology
Customer support
No credit check need
Activate immediately and pay your tuition fees, bills and rent as well as transferring money at a highly competitive 0.99% foreign exchange fee.

I’m saving €130 per month with IIZIPAY, and send the money to my parents. They are very happy.

The average fee for remittance transfers is 7%* of the amount sent, yet IIZIPAY only charges me 0.99%.

Friendly limits

Loading limits

  • Maximum load per day


  • Maximum individual load limit


  • Monthly load limit


  • Yearly load limit


  • Maximum load tries per day

    5x per day

Spending limits

  • Point of sale and online shopping


  • Maximum daily ATM


  • Maximum monthly ATM


  • Maximum ATM withdrawals per day

    5x per day

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