How can we help?


How can we help?

Receiving payments

How do I get funds on my IIZIPAY account?

In case of euro
Your IIZIPAY account is a regular euro account.

Give the person that wants to send you funds your IBAN number. They can then make a SEPA Credit Transfer using your name.

Other currencies
We also exchange funds for GBP, Polish Zloty, Swiss Francs, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian Krone. Select a currency and the appropriate account details and add your cardholder ID (the 12 digits on the bottom of your IIZIPAY Mastercard). The IBAN numbers by country are listed below.

Currency Account details
GBP Sort Code: 2000 00


Account number: 7317 0306

Swiss Franc IBAN: GB 42 BARC 2000 0046 0641 33
Polish Zloty IBAN: GB 91 BARC 2000 0042 4277 88
Danish Krone IBAN: GB 25 BARC 2000 0083 1552 99
Swedish Krone IBAN: GB 68 BARC 2000 0049 7007 77
Norwegian Krone IBAN: GB 57 BARC 2000 0073 8822 99
Which deposit options does IIZIPAY support?
We accept bank transfers also known as SEPA credit transfers.
What is an IBAN?
IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number, it is an internationally agreed system of identifying bank accounts across national borders.


Who can I send money to with IIZIPAY?

You can pay to anyone in the Euro-zone that provides you with their IBAN and name. Simply hit the payments button on the app.

If you study in any of the following countries which use the currencies listed below, your app will allow you to pay companies and individuals in that country. In countries that don’t use an IBAN, your app will provide you with the local identification details of a bank and their client. In the United Kingdom, you need a sort-code to identify the bank and an 8 digit account number.

Australian Dollar; Czech Krona; Danish Krone; Hong Kong Dollar; Hungarian Forint; Indian Rupee; Indonesian Rupiah; Mexican Peso; Norwegian Krone; Polish Zloty; Singapore Dollar; Swedish Krona; UK Sterling; US Dollar.

How can my parents transfer me money?

By signing up with IIZIPAY Prepaid Mastercard, you have been given an IBAN. You can find your IBAN in your app. Your parents can use this IBAN to make a bank transfer to your IIZIPAY Prepaid Mastercard.

How do I receive money using IIZIPAY?

By using the IBAN that you receive from IIZIPAY the employer/parent can transfer funds to the specific IBAN of your account.

Paying with your card

Where can I pay?

Everywhere you see the Mastercard logo, online or in a shop.

How do I pay?

If you have ever used a debit or credit card before, you will know what to do: give the cashier/ merchant your card, or put the card in to the terminal when requested and enter your 4 digit pin number. Please ensure you have sufficient funds in the account plus any applicable fees related to the transaction.

If you are using your card for an online purchase, you will have to enter your card information and some personal details, then follow the on- screen instructions.

Withdrawing cash

How can I withdraw funds from my IIZIPAY account?

You can withdraw funds from the IIZIPAY Prepaid Mastercard at over 2.6 million ATMs worldwide, where you see the MasterCard logo.


How much does it cost to use an IIZIPAY prepaid Mastercard?

The IIZIPAY Prepaid Mastercard costs €0.99 per month. Any additional fees you can find in the pricing section on our website.

What limits are there when using my IIZIPAY prepaid Mastercard?

Our daily limits are:

  • Point of sale and online shopping: €3,000 per day
  • ATM withdrawal: €250 per day
  • Topping up your account or transferring funds: €5,000 per day

Full details of our limits can be found here.

How do I top-up and manage my IIZIPAY prepaid Mastercard?

You can manage the IIZIPAY Prepaid Mastercard via the app, topping up the card via bank transfer.


What documents / information do I need for my application?

The following are needed:

  • A valid passport, driving licence or identity card
  • A bank statement which confirms your address
  • A proof of enrolment from your university (if you’re a student living abroad)
Why do I need to verify my identity and how can I do that?

For legal purposes we need to verify the information you provided at the application stage against your documentation.

When do I receive my IIZIPAY prepaid Mastercard?

It will take up to 6-12 working days to get your IIZIPAY Prepaid Mastercard delivered to your home address or your new address where you are studying.

My IIZIPAY prepaid Mastercard is lost or stolen. What should I do?

You can block your card within the app or call us at this number: +31 70 808 0140. If you cannot make a phone call, e-mail us on support@iizipay.eu and we will help you.

Do I need to pay for a new card after I lose it?

Yes. If you lose your card, you will need to pay the ‘Get the card’-fee again.

I ordered a new IIZIPAY prepaid Mastercard, but it never arrived? What should I do?

You can contact our customer support service in the app and we will send you a replacement.